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and the journey to finding happiness and fulfilment

Time to man up

How many times have you thought  “I wish someone told me that earlier in life.

I recently hit 40 and for the first time, I really understood, truly and deeply, the mid-life crisis. I realised that I needed to intervene in my own thought processes, so instead of going out and buying that Harley-Davidson, I started a journey of self-discovery, hoping that along the way, I will find the path to fulfilment. And then I ran into a brick wall.

Turns out this is extremely difficult if you are a man.

Men don’t do self-discovery blogs. Men don’t post about how vulnerable they feel. Men don’t talk about the things they wished their fathers taught them. 

Whenever I started moving a conversation with groups of men in this direction the general attitude was the same. Just man up, suck it up and go do your thing. We talk cars, we talk sport, not that Eat, Pray, Love nonsense.

And yet..

Every time I find myself alone with one of these men, the conversation changes and I discover they have the same questions, fears and uncertainties I face every day.

So this blog is for all of you.

Every man who wakes up wondering how they are going to pay the bills today.

Wondering if there is more to life than making the next deadline.

Wondering if their wife still finds them desirable.

Wondering if their kids respect them.

Wondering if they are making the same mistakes their fathers did.

Wishing to hear “I am proud of you” but too ashamed to say it.

You are not alone, we are all going through it.

I am going to share my journey here as I try to make sense of this life and I hope that along the way you find something that resonates with you.

Now go shower and be awesome today.


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About me

I am just a guy, father, husband and God-fearing man trying to find purpose and happiness in a world that seems a little crazier every day.