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So, it’s been a while…

While I may have been quiet, I can assure you I have not been idle although I have to admit that I am not as far as I wold like to be in my endeavors. This really hit home this week when I opened the timer and saw how far it has progressed, yet I have not much to show yet.

See, the site was down for a while due to a problem on the hosting provider server and it gave me some reprieve from seeing the time count down. A few days turned to weeks and then a few months with me “just not finding the time” to get it fixed. Finally I had to admit I was just avoiding the issue and a 2 minute phone call later the problem was fixed and the site was back up. And there is was, reality staring me in the face, the relentless, unforgiving, ticking of the countdown clock.

I had 270 days left.

It sounds like such a long time. doesn’t it? The reality of the situation is that it is pretty much one quarter down from when I started this project and I have nothing concrete to show for all this time. Sure I have been busy “prepping and planning” but in the end this does not leave me with anything to look at as progress.

So I am back and I will try my best to consistently post on this site and give updates. Here are some general updates in the meantime (I will elaborate on these soon):

  • Fitness: I managed to work my way up to 6km runs without dying, but then became lazy and I am basically starting over. I also have a personal trainer who I am avoiding like the plague.
  • Health: not much to report, I am really struggling with healthy eating habits. Lost about 5 kg but it goes up and down around that level now.
  • Finance. I settled on a side hustle and I am actively working on it. I also consolidated most of my debt and I am actively working on paying it off.
  • Mental health: I feel like I am in a much better place mentally and that I have cultivated a few good habits that help me keep my head focused and “together”.
  • Relationships: Some parts are better and some are still lacking. I am still struggling to really be “there” when spending time with my daughter. I do set time apart for her but the to-do lists and pending avalanche of tasks still occupy my ,ind in those times.

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